In Memory of Kathleen Bush

Digital Collage done by Patti Koosed over at The  Treasure Barn Blog  Please visit her site for soothing music and inspiration for daily life.  Patti is another of my  "Treasured" Friends.

Although I have great peace over loosing the company of Kathleen, I was restless and sleep came not easily last night.
I awoke this morning with the words of this poem in my head:

Mighty Roaring Sea
Whatever is the matter of me!

Tossing Turning in my bed
Can't get these words out of my head.

Where have these people gone,
who touched my heart at dawn?

I looked for them everywhere
but found not one, not here nor there.....

As I pray, A light of JOY!
Christ is coming!

When the Trumpet sounds, 
the Lamb of God descends
for the Time of restoration begins!

King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Rejoice for the time is at hand, 
and all that have died shall live again,
Within this kingdom of His Hand!

I shall walk and laugh with my 
friends and family now gone.
No more tears, or pain they will see.
Yes! Rejoice, for the Time is Near.
Have courage and Do not Fear!"
by brenda salzano 2010

inspired by

Isaiah 26:19 

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