Darkness & Illumination----An Analogy

I watched the Sun's rays slowly Illuminate the city below my house.  Across the little bay, the buildings once obscured, were now brightly lit!  Any surface facing directly in the path of the rays were fully visible.
The sides , objects and buildings behind, stayed in the shadows.

Same with this photo I took in Bellevue Washington this past year.  These glass works were incredible!
The light shows the detail where the flash hits, and the rest stays in shadows.  As a artist and photographer it is important to understand the Dark and the Light.  You really need both for a perfect shot.

My analogy came instantly this morning.  Just as Jesus asks us to keep our eyes fixed on Him, and why He asked Peter to come to him across the water.  As long as his eyes were on Jesus, Peter was walking on the water.  But the moment he took his eyes off, he began to sink.

What do we learn from this?  That as long as you keep your whole focus on God, you are in the light.  You will discern right from wrong, you stay in His care, and know where to walk on the path.  The moment you take your focus off God and off His ways you will stumble in the dark.  You stay in the shadows of darkness and cannot see.

It also shows that we REFECT his Love and His way to others when we Face Him!  When we keep Him our focus we are Illuminating Not our selves but HIM!

Now, here is something you have not heard!
I said as a artist I know the importance of both light and dark.  The dark, the shadows intensify the light!  They show just how Great the light is.  It is a element of understanding that without the dark you can not know how perfect the light is.
I believe in our world of elementary learning about our God, that the darkness or spiritually speaking (Satan, Rebellion) is the very element that solidifies how much we need the light.  Jesus Christ.  How could we ever learn what "bad" really is without it being here?  If you only dwelled in light, you would not know what it is to suffer and stumble.  Thus appreciating the light and the joy and fullness it brings.

God cannot make us into a spirit beings in the World Tomorrow, unless we are so ingrained against the doings  of the dark life.  Why?  Because spirit beings are to live forever.  God wants only those who will never even consider the dark.  Dark= rebellion, hate, ugly living against the perfect Holy life of God!

There is no Real Joy in darkness!  No fulfillment, no opportunities for future growth and perfect life!
Darkness is BLACK, Nothingness, emptiness, one is LOST, withered, and Dead.

God is perfect, God knew the darkness would Illuminate HIM! It would lead us too HIM.  It was a element to ingrain in us what is evil, and what is good.

Are you in Darkness?  Lost, depressed, unable to feel anymore.  Stumbling through the darkness grasping only what you feel and only going deeper into a sightless world of no meaning?

God is your light!  In a darkened room, turn on one little light and the darkness must flee!!  
God can hear you, anywhere anytime, but you must Cry out to Him.  He stands at the door and knocks.
Will you open your heart to the light?

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