Why were You born Part Two

Part Two

Now we see that God is a Family.  We have the Father, and the Son.

Here is the beginning of your Incredible Potential:
IF you have believed and surrendered your life to God, you now are a begotten son/daughter of the living God!

You are not a spirit being yet, but you have been given the Holy Spirit within you ( a piece of God Himself so to speak) that will teach you, and help you to grow in a intimate relationship with God until the change.

I need to explain that there are TWO types of spirit here.  One is the spirit in man that is life, and is you.  It is distinctly only YOU. Uniquely you, no other is exactly like you. That spark of life, of you.  Combined with the Holy Spirit of God, = a begotten son/daughter of the living God, soon to be, upon the resurrection a member of the God Family.  Romans 8:14-17

You can get this Holy Spirt only through Jesus Christ. Believing Him, surrendering your will to His ways, and giving up your own ways.  Being throughly sorry for all your sins, and wanting more than anything else to be in a close relationship with God.  Baptizing, is a outward confirmation of this surrender.  But only your heart will know this for sure.

God is now, making sons and daughters to someday be with him in the coming Kingdom of God! Romans 8:29
Christ to be the firstborn of many ....read this for your self. Study and know for your selves the truth of your calling.

The Holy Spirit is talking about being poured out onto the believers in Acts.  This spirit that would open their minds to understand the things God would teach them through out their physical life on Earth.
(by the way, it is a fascinating study to do research just on the word "spirit" throughout the bible)

Let me recap:

God the Father, and through Jesus Christ, all has been created.  The Two are family.  They decided they wanted more in their family.  They created a place we call earth to create mankind in physical form.  (why they did this later)  Satan and apx 1/3 of the angels God created turned against God and God’s plan.  They do not want man to reach the tremendous potential planned for them.
They are a enemy to God and to all humankind. They are deceivers.

Man has been appointed to be sons and daughter in the kingdom of God IF they refuse the lie of Satan, and surrender their will to God.

What IS the Kingdom of God?

In a nut shell, as God has taught me so far:

The Kingdom of God is where billions of spirit beings will rule and renew all the entire universe.  These spirit beings will be resurrected humans that surrendered and overcame the enemy and human nature. They will be spirit and not physical after this resurrection.  They will be actual sons and daughters of the most High God Eternally.  Forever. They will rule over Angels.  (now you get a inkling why Satan does not want us to know the truth or overcome)

The whole universe is in decay.  It was suppose to be created like earth.  It is beyond measure.  God the Father and Jesus Christ are Creators.  You were born to be a creator too, but we have a long way to go. The finishing of creation throughout the universe will be astounding!
Unlike what man has done to earth, the new spirit born, and spirit led Godly beings will create perfect design, harmony, and peace.  Incredibly true! 

You are part of a plan to rule and create the new universe.  You can be a part of this plan where Great joy, perfection, endless opportunities await.  There will be no more tears, or hurt. No more death, evil, and darkness.

But, alas not all shall want to.  Many will deny God’s offer.
Many will not believe.  Are they all lost?  What about the people who never hear of this Awesome new Kingdom? Or small babies that die or some other reason they never have the opportunity to hear the GOOD NEWS of the Coming Kingdom of God.

God has a plan for them too.........stay tuned

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