The night brought no sleep............

I lie there, watching the hours go by, 11pm, 1pm, 2pm and so on all night.   My mind was a mass of anxiety and restlessness.  I had watched two movies lately.  The first was the movie, "I have never forgotten you" and the second was "Food, Inc."  If you have seen either of these documentaries, you will already know why I had a sleepless night.

The first was about the concentration camp and SS men who were tracked down by one survivor over his lifetime and the trials of that period.  As, well as many graphic photos of prisoners and what was done to them.   Nicole Kidman narrates this story of Simon Wiesenthal who lost nearly 90 family members in the Holocaust but survived himself.

The second documentary is a (2009) film about how our food is processed, who owns most of the processing plants and what is done not only to the animals before we eat them, but the farmers and ranchers that raise our food.  The mafia type tactics to strong arm our farmers into farming only as the Big Company wants them too.  People who once worked for these Big companies, now elected itno congress!   Now wether absolute truth is coming from Foods Inc. or not is not available to me.  But after some research online and knowing first hand growing up on small farms, I tend to believe most is truth.

I think we should all watch these movies and decide yourself,  what is the destiny of man?
Without God ever being, or coming back to usher in a NEW Kingdom under His perfect Law where will we be in another 10-20 years???

Unless you live under a rock, you MUST see how bad things are becoming in our world today!

It is out of control!
Yes there are things we can do for now.  We can start demanding Organic food, demanding our food is better regulated and farmers treated as FREE Americans able to Grow what they want.  We can make laws that say in essence "do not harm your neighbor" nor deceive him or take advantage of him, but do you honestly think it will change humanity?  Has it over all the life of humans on the earth yet?  NO!

God is our ONLY Hope!  Jesus the only way to peace, prosperity and harmony in the world.  He is the only one to usher it in, and it begins with every one of us coming to Him and seeking to follow HIS ways and not our own.

And until He Returns, I am going ORGANIC as much as I can afford too!  

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