God Shows Us His Plan Through the Old Testament Holy Days (Why were you born series-Part Six)

God has left us the bible to understand not only His Plan for mankind, but as a manual to life in this human body now!  Learning how to study this manual and follow it is a life long endeavor.  Once you have the Spirit of God within you through baptism, repentance the Holy Spirit will teach you ALL things!

In the old testament, we find that God set up 7 annual Holy Days.  This was like kindergarten class for the Israelites to teach them His ultimate plan of the coming Kingdom Of God!

(BTW, did you know that all Jews are Israelites, but not All Israelites are Jews!  There were different tribes, just one tribe was Judah!  This is important to know later on in another post)

The Holy Day's instituted were:

Passover was when the Israelites were to put blood over their doorposts and stay in that night as the Death Angel was going to "pass over" and kill all the first born of those who did NOT have this blood over the door posts.  Read the whole book of exodus to get the story in context.

This was to show in simple terms the coming one day of a Savior who by His blood the person who accepted Him would be saved!  The covering of sin, by Blood!

2. Days of Unleavened Bread
For seven days they were not to EAT Leaven foods.  Why?
This was to show that after one had accepted the death and blood to cover sin, you were to get sin out of your life.  Sin puffs up, leaven puffs up, thus it was used as a example.  Not only not eat it, but put it OUT OF THE HOUSE!  Showing us to Keep sin out of our lives!  Seven days was chosen as the #7 is God's number for 
(this does not mean you can never eat leaven, these are examples)

NOTE: it is interesting to see that when this story happened in the bible, and Pharaoh finally let the people go, they did not get far before Pharaoh took out after them again to kill them!  Again, can you see the spiritual implications?  Satan and Sin will pursue YOU after you accept the blood of Christ and start to Follow Him!  But have NO fear, God is with you now, and nothing will take you from Him if you Trust and BELIEVE!
ex 14:11-14
“Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. 14The LORD will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” 

3.Pentecost  or Feast of Firstfruits
also called the feast of weeks.  This Holy day shows the coming first harvest of human souls.  God used yearly harvest seasons to teach the people His plan, His awesome plan for all mankind!  Farmers have the early harvests and the fall harvest.  These Feast of Firstfruits shows the FIRST of those called out and redeemed people into the Kingdom of God soon to come!  The first of many later!
(Lev 23 summarizes all the Holy Days)READ ALL THIS CHAPTER

fall feasts:

4.Feast of Trumpets
Trumpets sound a alarm, they announce something BIG.  This Feast shows the second coming of CHRIST.  (1 Thes.4:14-17) (1 Cor. 15:52) (Isa.27:13)

5. Day of Atonement or
The day of being At-One-Ment with your GOD!  Finally it has come at this point and man will be at one with His Maker!  This festival was a Holy day set aside to fast and pray.  The symbolism in Lev 16, where the sins of the world are put on the one responsible for such sin, hatred and misery of the people.  In the chapter the goat ,  or Azazel(hebrew) is a symbol of satan! 

Remember too, that I am just touching lightly on these points, there is so MUCH more to read and study and understand!  YOU must do this, I write only to spark your interest, and get you to go find out the truth. GOD will open your mind IF, I say IF you truly seek the truth, with faith and surrender to put away your own will and believes and let Him teach you!

6.Feast of Tabernacles
This is one of my favorite feasts!  This one shows another 7 days of celebration. Joy and praising God for the Kingdom  will be set up and this day portrays this.  Read about how this day was kept in your own bible.  They were to leave their own homes and set up temp. "booths" or tents to dwell in for seven days.  Feasting, in joy and happiness.  GOD chose where it was to be each year, not them.

So we have Christ who died for our sins, to redeem mankind, the first fruits were to be called and have to overcome satan to qualify to be priests and kings in the one thousand year reign after Christ's return, but only the first to be redeemed as all the rest ,after the 1,000 years will be called!  The perfecting or becoming at one ment with God for all peoples, the ushering in of the Kingdom Of God.

and finally:
7. The last Great Day
This is the calling and redeeming of the rest of mankind! Everyone will have a opportunity to KNOW God and Choose His way to live Everyone who ever lived!  From baby to old man, all will have a chance.  How Great is that?  No wonder it is called the Gospel of GOOD NEWS of the coming KINGDOM of GOD!
Matthew 10:15, Ezekiel 16:53-55, Ezek.37 Rev 20:12 

one last note:
It is very interesting to see that God only gave these Holy Days, and a Sabbath to keep.  GOD did not command us to keep any other days, that I can see in the bible. These were to show us His plan.  They have real meaning to Him.  Have we learned what they mean in depth???  or do we keep our own celebrations and only believe in words and laxness?  I speak for myself as well, when I say we all need to continually examine ourselves to see where we stack up with our relationship with God, Jesus Christ our savior .

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