The Simplicity of Gods Requirements Amaze me!

If anyone is a regular reader of my blog, you will know that there are two main choices in life.
1. Believe
2. Unbelief
There are no in-between beliefs . You cannot kinda believe in God. There is no room to sit on the fence.

So, if you are a believer, you must grow. Some people struggle with trying to "measure up" or do better, we brow beat ourselves over every little thing, seeking for perfection, asking ourselves ," am I DOING enough, am I pleasing God. We worry over everything. Did I do this right, Did I do enough, am I enough.

I remember one day driving along, stressing over many things, not measuring up in my mind as a christian. When God's quiet voice came clear and gentle, "Just Be". Later that day, again I was stressing, struggling to overcome in my mind what I should be doing more. And God said, "I am always with you, where ever you are whatever you have chosen to do"

Each time God speaks to me, it is a calm you can not imagine until it happens to you! My mother just had her first experience with God talking to her. You know He is always there, He is always talking to His children but we do not hear! We do not hear because we have not learned to Listen. We let too much noise in our lives, and too much stress, and worry cloud minds.
But this day, my mother who is now widowed two years, was driving to town and could not decide on this particular problem. She was so excited when I talked to her, for she told me that as she drove and worried, a small quiet voice just came to her and she KNEW exactly what to do. She said the calmness was astounding, the comfort she felt. It was God!

The reason this is the first time she has really heard God is that my father was a dominate force over her mind for all her adult life, now that he is gone, she can hear God and learn to rely on Him!

So, the simplicity of what God requires is so simple! As long as we are focusing and praying on GOD, God does the work. In the book, My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers says:

"There is only one way to develop and grow spiritually, and that is through focusing and concentrating on God. In essence, Jesus was saying, "Do not worry about being of use to others; simply believe on Me. In other words, pay attention to the Source and out of you will "will flow rivers of living waters" (john 7:38) We cannot discover the source of our natural life through common sense and reasoning, and Jesus is teaching here that growth in our spiritual life comes not from focusing directly on it, but from concentrating on our Father in Heaven......If we will stay focused on Him, instead of our circumstances, we will grow spiritually..." (Emphasis by me)

So stop and listen, Praise and Pray, and keep your thoughts on God. Do not fear for your Father in Heaven is with you as long as you truly believe and trust in Him. This does not apply to non believers. Or to those who feel they are already perfect and have no need to grow. A lax christian is one who goes through the motions of a christian outwardly but is content to be just as they are. They attend church every week, the may say a automatic prayer or two a day, but their heart is not there on God. Only God can know who these people are. This is why we do not sit in judgment of who is a believer or not. This is God's job.

My purpose of this post was to those who worry over wether they measure up to God's requirements too much. To those who think they have to DO and DO more to gain His love.
It is not our DOING but our BELIEF and where we put our MIND .

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