Midnight Trespassers !

Something woke me in the middle of the night. A "something is not right" feeling, and muffled sounds. As I gained consciousness, I realized it was voices. I peered out the window in my bedroom and could make out some outlines of men in my back yard. two maybe three. Two sitting on the ground. Startled that someone would actually by IN my YARD I crept to the closer bedroom overlooking my herb garden, to see, and yes, there were people there. The voices said it was men who spoke. And most likely drunk.

Drunken people are not people you can speak with reason. Their minds are "fuddled" and anger is normally boiling on top. Although cartoons, show funny antics of drunkenness, it is NOT FUNNY! I have seen it too many times, I myself when I was young became drunk at times. Alaska is known for too many alcohol accidents, alcoholic parties etc. My late husband was killed by a drunk driver in Alaska when my children were small.

It is a sad thing for humans to get drunk. It is not pretty, it is degrading for the individual, and to let your actions go uninhibited is not safe! The dark spirits of anger, hate, self pity, and anything you can think of that is evil, depressing, and wrong, that is what will come upon a person in a drunken state.

Balance is the key in all things. A small amount of drink is fine for most people. But not drunkenness! When you loose control of your mind, even temporarily, you are in danger of evil.

besides the pain you cause others.

I believe being without God is like being in a constant state of drunkenness. You do not know right from wrong, you cannot think clearly. That is why it is said, "know God and the truth shall set you free". Hopelessness, ,many times leads people to turn to drugs, alcohol and other destructive behaviors.

But we CAN turn to God. He is there, waiting with open arms to his children if we would but come. His ways are far more comforting and long lasting than being drunk. His ways are ways to peace of mind, joy and happiness beyond compare.

Even though, this incident did indeed scare me, I knew who to call, it was not the police in this incident but God. I prayed and God helped me through my fear. I then got up, turned on every light near the garden, and through on the outdoor light. This flooded the area with light, and they slunk away into the shadows cursing !

believe me, EVIL is increasing greatly!! I feel its presence in my own neighborhood. Two days ago, two men got into a huge altercation right in front of our home. One man had taken a ATV that did not belong to him and the other men took it back. I have never seen such anger in my own area before.
Plus, with cut backs on police, fireman, etc we shall only see worse things to come.
Our only Hope lies in the Lord God, Jesus Christ is our Savior! He alone can save us from al evil, and help us in times of all need.

I urge you all to increase your prayer time! Increase you study time, and stay close to God. Do not slack but increase!

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