My Prayer Today

The last few months, my spirit has just been pressed to pray for those who are always so abused, and used. The Poor, the Meek, the Children, the Elderly. All who are so kind in heart and because of that are used, deceived, and constantly used by evil and selfish people.

If there is one thing that makes me so angry it is the bullies of the world, wether the big companies, or single persons whose only intent is to take advantage of.

Elderly are ripped off, stolen from, and physically abused.

Little children are raped, sold, beaten and unborn babies are killed as their life is a "inconvenience" and unwanted.

Meek and tender hearts are lied too, easily deceived and also physically abused along with verbal intimidation. They are usually so trusting that they fall easily to prey of the unscrupulous people.

And our own banks, the Credit Card Companies, and many other organizations do everything they can to suck money from every person no matter what it does to families, and the lower working people. Not ALL, but TOO MANY!

I get sick to my stomach, when I hear on the news how much we abuse and use our people. It is in every corner, rampant, and many will just say, "thats business". Or they shrug it off, and say, everyone else does it.

So, because this is something I can not change, I turn to God. I pray every day for them. For the innocent little babies. Like the one 7 month old girl that was being sexually abused by her own father. It just makes you sick.

This morning I read in psalms 12:5

The Lord replies, “I have seen violence done to the helpless,
and I have heard the groans of the poor.
Now I will rise up to rescue them,
as they have longed for me to do.”


Psalm 14:6 (Amplified Bible)

6You [evildoers] would put to shame and confound the plans of the poor and patient, but the Lord is his safe refuge.

The attitude of so many are like this neighbor I have. Who because he has so much junk at his home, he has decided to park his truck on our property. We had nice grass growing along the fence but now it is all ruined. We have limited parking, some in front of our house for just a couple cars, and then along the back yard, we have a few spaces in between our fence and the road to park visitors.
About a year ago, he started parking there. Even tho I posted no parking signs for overnighters. I do not mind people parking temporarily back there, but for the sake of my oil man being able to park to fill up our heating oil, and for our own visitors I wanted our parking mostly for our home.

But this man, did not ask, just started parking there all the time. My husband told him don't you see the no parking signs? He just replied, "this is city easement property and I can park where I want." So we do nothing, and have been praying about it. It is not something to get all angry about and start a fight with the neighbor. But it does show the attitude of the people today.
This man did not care that he ruined the grass there, or that he is parking his truck on our property even though he has his own place or that he did not even ask if we minded. He could care less if we mind.

It is this attitude that is ruining our country. A "ME" only view of life, selfish and arrogant.

We must realize too, that every one of us, every one, have at times had these same attitudes and sins. Even if we do not always do them, we think them, or slip and in a moment of weakness we too are selfish. We too, are arrogant, and sin.
This does not give others the right to walk on anyone. But we need to have a right view of ourselves when we come to the Lord to Pray. For we are not perfect yet. We may be working toward that goal, but we all have a long way to go.

Pray for the meek, the weak, the poor in spirit, the elderly, the sick, the young today. Every day. For who can help them? Where is their champion except the Lord?

He will hear, and He will answer. He always has, and He never changes. He is our hero, our SAVIOR!

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