Redeeming Love

In many studies on love, since I was baptized over 30 years ago. I realize we, as people have a long way to go to know real love. We think of it as a emotion. Unconditional love, Agape love from Our God is a foreign thing. Esp. for those who have been so hurt, or abused. God will teach us, in His time. God never fails in anything He sets out to do. He has a master plan for human kind and He will not fail in this. Our fears, are for naught.

A couple super good reads for you. One is a TRUE story, I learned from my In Touch Mag. devotional. It is called "Untwisted" . Wow, what God can do, and the Human story of redeemed love. The site for this book is at

Second is a fictional Book called "Redeeming Love"

this is by Francine Rivers. My ab. favorite book, and one that really will show you How God's love works in lives. Photo is of this book. Buy it or get it at the library if they have it!

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