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A Sabbath Walk

I live in this amazing area where there are paved paths all over.  Along the river, into the small town, and for miles beyond.

I took my little dog and this was what I saw and heard:

As I walked it was warm but cool this early morning at 7am.  Not a lot of people out yet on a Saturday. First I am aware of lots of song birds singing, and making warning sounds when danger enters their area.  The grass, and vegetation is so green.  Thousands of shades of green.  Against these are the brilliant colors of all kinds for flowers.  Flowering trees, bushes, and ground flowers. 

One is the huge and very old wisteria tree growing on a steep bank just outside the old metal train bridge that is now a part of the walk paths .  It has 1 to 2 feet of drooping blooms per bunch and they are fragrant and gorgeous!

I can imagine someone planted it many years ago and over time the town grew around it and the old farmhouse long gone.  It towers above me and the train bridge so it must be old.  
I saw at le…

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