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A Thankful Prayer of God's daily love......

Almighty God, I want to the just take some time and say thank you!
No mush or gobbly gook just thank you. 

Thank you for every morning I get up and have no pain or sickness.  Thank you for the times I am sick because that sickness helps me remember I am frail and without you I fall apart.  That you are my only healer, and true comforter.  
Every breath is from you.  Each moment I search to see the wonders around me that you made for us.  The rivers, the lakes, the trees in all their autumn colors. The rain that feeds the trees and animals and helps us to have drink.  
I am in awe at the heavens and wonders I see up there day and night.  My eyes that can see these things. How they are made to let me see!  

Thank you for providing every single need when I need it most.  Not the wants but the needs. Esp the need for your companionship and inspiration.  Thank you for your words that are my foundation of truth.  I have no idea of truth without understanding and learning your truth.  The world&#…

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