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Revelation revealed!

I have been studying the bible for 40 plus years.  Not just one church literature but many others.  This is my highly recommended booklet on Revelation which is crucial to understand at this time.  Why? Because the sequences it lays out are vital so you are not mislead by some faith leaders who are wolves in sheep clothing.  By that I mean they will have SOME truths covered with many lies and deception they will use over the many.  
I am posting this today because it is so important!  A "religious " talk show host has come out saying that the Rider and White horse of Rev 6:1-2 is not Christ but a false leader.  Well it is TRUE but a lot of the rest he is saying is not true.  This is what I mean by saying YOU need to study yourself what the bible really says.  Research with lots of prayer and open eyes willing to receive what God leads you to understand.  There are two white horses in Rev and one is Jesus Christ but He has MANY Crowns and a SWORD.  The sword of truth , Christ …

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