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What are the qualities of True Leadership?

Using the word of God, the Values of God we can ascertain the true attributes of a great leader.
Which we no longer see in any area of government these days.  If there are some I am not seeing them. Still these are what we should be looking for, great leaders not movie stars, rich people, slick words spoken by outwardly handsome/beautiful people.

First here are the worst things for a successful leader to have:

*Vanity *selfishness *Greed *Power hungry *speaks one thing but their fruit is opposite of what they tell you *a Liar *A thief *dishonesty in even small things....

Instead these are to be the signs of a great leader. One who can inspire and influence for the better of all, with effective abilities to lead:

* A proven follower of Jesus Christ knowing the word of God and living it
* Knows how to LEAD not DRIVE

ok, let me inject a little story of what to lead means over drive or dictate.  True story.  My dad had raised cattle most his life.  Born and raised on ranches and farms.  Unti…

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