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Has mankind learned to love others better since WWII ?

I have been watching a few documentaries of WWII.  From why Hitler was able to influence so many (with new graphic photos and video / movie shots )to more sides of war we have not been aware of.  (links at end of post)
It is always depressing to see the truth of how much mankind is able to inflect hate and torture on other human beings.  

Did you know what happened to the German people after their surrender?  I am not talking about the actual people who inflicted great harm on others but on the little children, women, and ordinary people in little & large cities and towns at the time.  

 I learned in school how we as America was hugely successful in fighting and overcoming the enemy of Germany and those rulers involved in taking countries they did not own, and how good and noble the American soldiers were.  How compassionate and helpful, I felt pride to belong to such people.  We as a nation did help the (at that time) enemy nations like Japan and Germany to get back on their feet.  …

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