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God made the sabbath for mankind not mankind for the sabbath

What do you believe about the Sabbath day that Christ instituted?
The majority of the "christian" world says keep Sunday.  That from the time you get up till you go to bed that Sunday is the lords sabbath.  That you go to church, and when a plate is passed around you drop some coin or bills in and hear a sermon or two.  Kids go to their room for children's stories while parents sit in the adult area.  People sing in a choir and possibly everyone has food afterwards for potluck or go out to eat.  Soon as that is done it is back home and do what you always do.  

But wait, what did Christ do?  Was it sunday?  Have you ever looked it up?  If so you found that the 7th day that was kept by Christ is not sunday.  Maybe you know that but think it does not matter what day.  If your going to keep the Sabbath don't you think it should be the same day as Christ and the Apostles kept? 

What was it created for anyway? What can you do or not do on the sabbath? What are the hours of th…

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