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Bobby Kennedy

Netflix has a documentary on the time that Bobby Kennedy was in politics.  First this show is not just about politics but it is about living your life making a difference.  We were never created to be just for ourselves.  
Of course I was alive during the time of John F Kennedy and Bobby.  I- with the whole nation were shocked at them both being murdered.  Martin Luther King was murdered at the time also.  The nation was divided and hate was growing into trouble.  There were very poor people of all races, so poor they were living with children that were starving and distended bellies. Rats actually chewing on children's feet at night and horrible living conditions.  

Bobby Kennedy had a large growing popularity.  Most did not like him at first, thinking he was just another rich man looking to go up the ladder on his dads money and his brothers fame.  But those that took the time to know him, knew better.  Was he perfect?  by no means.  For no man is without sin.  
But he truly had a …

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