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Why are the animals dying off in such huge numbers?

Why are there such breaking stats in how hot we are or how cold, or how many storms we have? God's word provides the answers to those who study and seek answers according to His word. This is a short study/reminder of Zephaniah 
The Coming Judgment on Judah Zep 1:2 "I'll utterly sweep away everything from the land," declares the LORD. Zep 1:3 " I'll consume both human beings and animals—I'll consume the birds of the sky, the fish in the sea, and the wicked along with their sin, when I eliminate human beings from the land," declares the LORD.
Today as I watch world news, I see so many animals dying.  Birds, fish, etc.  And remembered there are a few places in the bible that talks about God letting the animals die before Christ returns.  Partly because of our own pollution over the years but lately in huge numbers and I personally believe it is God withdrawing His protection and providence to them.  It is going to upset the fragil rhythm of the world.  For…

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