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Halloween ... Just one more activity that promotes hate/evil actions

As millions of parents are preparing the costumes for their kids, and more millions are getting all that candy to give out to the kids my questions still remain.  Why do people want to do this? 

Why would I want to teach my youngsters to demand treats and dress up in horrible costumes of evil, blood, monsters, and scare others?  
Instead of being anything honorable or good the prevailing tendency is to go all out dark, and evil.  I remember growing up and in those days my cousins would walk the neighborhood knocking on doors to say, TREAT me or I will TRICK you.  Then if the people had no candy or cookies or were not home their house was toilet papered or rocks thrown in their yard.  My dad and mom did not "celebrate" this "holiday". As my dad and rightly so , did not see the merits of doing so.  He was NOT religious just logical.  If he was spending all his time rearing us to be kind to others, helpful and honest.  Good, and not evil why play we are evil once a year…

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